Winds of Change


The traditional international Easter event “Winds of Change” organized by the Czech and German young naturefriends had its third anniversary. Taking place near the central Bohemian town Beroun from 21st to 25th of April, 2011, it attracted 30 participants from both countries.

The team of organizers from Duha Velka Medvedice and Young Naturefriends Wuerttemberg prepared five days full of various program, from which everyone could have chosen. Children, youth and adults from Czechia and Germany were given the possibility to meet old and new friends and get known some news on the lifestyle in both neighboring countries, on the habits and typical cuisine.

The program was a mixture of both hiking and car trips to the countryside of the Bohemian Karst, active program at the venue, joint evenings or simple relaxing, which everyone needs from time to time. Among the favorite program’s parts was excursion to the glassworks, horse riding, the trip to Prague, then to the swamped quarries of the Great America, a visit to the bears in Beroun or to the caves of Koneprusy, not to forget the ruins of the castles Zebrak and Tocnik. Also the International Evening and the final barbecue had their cool atmosphere.

The participants from Czechia and south Germany spent five days full of marvelous spirit together living in the area of a former steam-mill. They got known a big piece of central Bohemia and experienced to live with people of another nation including their habits and taste of their meals. Both German and Czech group are looking forward to meeting soon, in the landscape of Svabian Alb, south Germany in the end of September, 2011.

You can check out pictures from this activity here.