Statutes of Naturefriends Czechia

Friends of Nature Czechia

Statutes (ver. 2010)


1. Name and seat

1.1 Name of the association: Friends of Nature Czechia, abbreviation NF CZ.

1.2 The seat of the association is; Senovážné náměstí 24, Praha 1,CzechRepublic, The association’s field of action is theCzech Republic.


2. Mission and aims

2.1 The mission of NF CZ is to unite individuals and organizations who like to develop physically educative programmes of tourism and youthwork in the open social and environmental friendlyEuropeon the basis of their equality and a full respect to their rights and interests.

2.2 The aims of NF CZ are above all:

a)    to define, enforce and defend the interests of its members,

b)    to enforce the values of democracy, pluralism, tolerance, human rights, sustainable life, intercultural learning and outdoor education towards nature among its members and externally,

c)    to join actively work in international organizations.


3. Conditions of membership

3.1 Every individual or legal person can become a full member, if agreeable with the mission and aims of NF CZ, signed the application form and paid membership fees for the current year.

3.2 An individual or a legal person can become a honorary member.


4. Creation and cessation of membership

4.1 Afull membership in NF CZ is created:

a)    in case of individuals by the day when the statutory body of a local group approves their application form,

b)    in case of legal persons by the day of efficiency of an agreement setting their rights and obligations, concluded between the legal person and the Council of NF CZ.

4.2 Ahonorary membership is created by conferring by the Council of NF CZ, which may also withdraw it later.

4.3 Amembership in NF CZ ceases:

a)    when the membership fees are not paid for a time longer than one year,

b)    when a member announces his/her withdrawal to the statutory body of a local group or to the Council of NF CZ

c)    by an individual’s decease

d)    in case of legal person according to an agreement of settlement between a member and the Council of NF CZ

5. Rights and duties of members

5.1 Members of NF CZ have the right to:

a)    participate in activities of the association,

b)    express freely their opinion,

c)    be regularly informed on activities of NF CZ,  

d)    be present through their delegates at meetings of decision bodies of NF CZ,

e)    derive all benefits flowing from the membership in international organizations,

f)     withdraw from NF CZ.

5.2 Members have a duty to pay membership fees in an appointed amount and term, to follow the Statutes of NF CZ and promote the aims of NF CZ.

6. Local groups of NF CZ

At least five members can join and create a local group of NF CZ called local club of nature friends (hereinafter as “club”). A club is given the legal personality. Its leadership consists at least of three members, a representative of which represents the club to the bodies of NF CZ. The policies for creation, activities and abolishing a club are to be issued by the Council of NF CZ.

7. Bodies of NF CZ

7.1 The bodies of NF CZ are Council, Auditing Committee, President and Vice-President.

7.2 Unless this Statute stipulates otherwise, a body of NF CZ has a quorum if a simple majority of all its members is present, and decides by a simple majority of members present.

7.3 The term of office of the bodies of NF CZ is three years.

8. Council

8.1 The Council is composed by delegates of local groups of NF CZ and members of NF CZ – legal persons (one delegate from each).

8.2 Meetings of the Council are held as necessary, at least once a year. A meeting is convened by the President of NF CZ in a minimum 21 days advance. A meeting of the Council may be extraordinarily convened by the Auditing Committee if the latter comes to an opinion that the Statutes, programme or conclusions adopted by the Council have been substantially breached. A meeting can be held also by a correspondential form.

8.3 Competences of the Council

a)    approves the programme of NF CZ,

b)    assigns the amount of member fees,

c)    elects the President and Vice-President of NF CZ from the members of the Council and recalls them,

d)    elects the members of the Auditing Committee (AC). The number of elected members of AC is set up by the Council before the elections.

e)    approves the budget, workplan  and annual report of NF CZ,

f)     approves and changes the Statutes and programme of NF CZ with a two-third majority of members of the Council present.

9. Auditing Committee

9.1 Auditing Committee (AC) is composed from members elected by the Council.

9.2 Out of its members, the AC elects and recalls its chairperson.

9.3 Meetings of AC are convened by its chairperson at least once a year.

9.4 The chairperson of AC or a member entrusted by him/her has the right to be present at meetings of the Council with a consultative vote and therefore must be invited.

9.5 ACshall check the state of accountancy of NF CZ at least once a year. After having been asked by the Council or on its own initiative, AC exercises extraordinary controls as necessary and reports the Council about results of the controls in writing.

10. President and Vice-President

10.1 The President is the statutory body of NF CZ. The President represents NF CZ externally and acts in its name.

10.2 The Vice-President replaces the President if entitled by him/her and/or in case of a long-term absence of the President, and takes thus over the position of the statutory body.

11. Incomes and budgetary control

11.1 The expenditures related to activities of NF CZ shall be financed mostly by membership fees, grants, contributions and donations of individuals and legal persons as well as by own incomes.

11.2 The Council shall specify dealing with incomes, membership fees, approving of budgets and budgetary control of NF CZ.

11.3 The Council may establish a Secretariat, which serves for fulfilling tasks flowing out of the programme of NF CZ.

12. Transitional and final provisions

12.1 The President shall decide on the key for elections of the delegates for the constitutive assembly of the Council.

12.2 The decision of dissolution of NF CZ may be taken by the Council with a two-third majority of all its members.

12.3 Once NF CZ becomes dissolved, the Council shall decide upon the way of dealing with the assets and liabilities of NF CZ.

12.4 These Statutes shall become effective on the day of approval by the Council.

Given in Prague, 28 November, 2010