NFI Photo Championship 2012: Picturing Sustainable tourism

Naturefriends stand for the protection, preservation and the dynamic interpretation of our natural and cultural heritage as well as for tourism and leisure activities that are socially equitable and in tune with nature as a basic prerequisite of sustainable development. On the occasion of the 2012 Photo Championship, Naturefriends International together with Naturefriends Austria and Germany call on photographers all around the world to capture tourism and its effects in pictures. With this, NFI aims to contribute to a sensitising awareness-raising process which promotes sustainable tourism development.

Because it largely depends on the type of visiting and the type of “being visited”, whether more tourism will actually result in more affluence and cultural cohesion in a given country or region. What it implies is that a socially, culturally, ecologically, and economically sustainable tourism with upbeat consequences for local populations is conditional on specific substructures and prerequisites: sound stretches of nature and landscape, respect vis-à-vis local culture and skilful networking with other regionally specific branches of economic activity. It also implies that travellers and tour operators assume responsibility for tangible, often unheeded effects of global tourism.

The competitors who submit the most convincing digital photos (which are invited in four competition categories) will win prizes such as stays in sustainable tourism regions.

In cooperation with the network ‘European Destinations of Excellence’ (EDEN), certain excellent tourism regions which have been awarded pioneers in sustainable tourism by EDEN offer multi-day stays: Seelentium, a region for total relaxation in the Oberes Innviertel (Upper Inn Quarter) as well as the Grosse Walsertal Biosphere Park in Austria; the Westfjords Region in Iceland, the region Plunge together with the national park Samogitia in Lithuania and the Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia. Additional prizes are weekend-trips to “Europe’s Wild Heart”, the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany, and exciting subscriptions of the Austrian magazine LEBENSART – Das Magazin für Nachhaltige Lebenskultur. Cyberlab, a Viennese high-tech photo laboratory, supports the international Photo Championship.

We would like to ask you to announce and forward the invitation through your federation (calendar and media), especially to photographers, photo groups and to people interested in photography.

All details concerning the invitation and the entry form of the Photo Championship 2012: - Deadline for entries: 1. September 2012

We look forward to working with you. Please don´t hesitate to contact me for further questions.

Kind regards,
Anita Pinter

NFI - Photo Championship 2012 "Sustainable Tourism"

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