National meeting of Czech Friends of Nature held in autumn colours

9 - 12 October 2014, Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ)

From Thursday 9 October,  the four-day meeting of Czech Friends of Nature took place in Jablonec Nad Nisou at Czech-Polish-German borders. After the Silesian town of Krnov and last year's event in Prague, Jablonec was the third place, where the annual meeting of members and supporters of the Czech branch of the international movement was organized. The invitation of the local group of the Friends of Nature was accepted by representatives of the local groups from Olomouc, Prague, Liberec and Krnov as well as by members of the organizing local group.

The Jizera Mountains around the city of Jablonec were quite unknown for most of the participants who were pleasantly surprised by the landscape, nature and their spirit. The locals showed their guests not only natural beauties but also memories for pre-war Friends of Nature who built several houses in this area. The participants paid visit to Presidential chalet, now a private property, alpine settlement Jizerka and climbed up some outlook towers to see more than from only the ground.

Evenings at the meeting were dedicated to presenting the present groups‘ activities and projects, nice talks, establishing contacts – that all accompanied by live guitar music and singing along. The Sunday sightseeing tour of Jablonec was designed more for women who visited the Museum of Glass and Jewellery. Meanwhile, the statutory Council adopted a proposal for a new statutes of Czech Friends of Nature and elected a new leadership. The current President Mr. Miroslav Prokes will be succeeded by Mr. Hynek Pecinka from Olomouc in mid-November.

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