The European Action Week Against Racism is underway

Friends of Nature meet Vietnamese and visit Romany museum

Czech branch of the international movement of Naturefriends, Friends of Nature Czech Republic joins the European Action Week for the first time this year, and just a little differently than might be expected. " This year, Friends of Nature will contribute to the ideas of the European Action Week Against Racism with two interesting events," says its president Hynek Pecinka. "Their aim is to look behind the scenes of the life of marginal groups of our fellow citizens, around whom there are plenty of cliches, and learn something more about them from themselves."

On Friday 20 March, the local group "Javory" from Nove Mesto na Morave in cooperation with the Day-care Center for Children hold an excursion designed for 15 children from the Roma community as well as majority, both from socially excluded population. In Brno Museum of Romany Culture after visiting an exhibition of paintings and mosaics of Romany artist Rudolf Dzurko called "Century of disasters - century of miracles" they will be involved in related art workshops.

On Sunday 22 March in the town of Sternberk , the local group "Mala liska" of Olomouc will organize an afternoon discussion about nature and people of Vietnam and their lives in the Czech Republic, followed by a tasting of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The event open to the public called "Neighbours from Elsewhere or Even A Stranger is Fellow Countryman," will take place in Asian Bistro in the city center.

In addition to their own events, Friends of Nature Czech Republic also joined other civic initiatives that recalled the issue of racism, fascism and intolerance in connection with the 76th anniversary of the German occupation of the Czech lands and the proclamation of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. On this occasion, they participated in several commemorative event held on Sunday, 15 March in Prague.

15. 3. 2015