Czech Naturefriends‘ rally held in Krnov

By Hynek Pecinka, Naturefriends Czechia

On Friday, 7th September 2012 representatives of Czech Naturefriends arrived to Krnov, a city in north-east of the Czech Republic just next to Polish borders to spend a weekend together. The aim of the event was quite simple: to get more familiar all-round and deepen the networking process, which started in November 2010.

Since then, the Czech branch of the worldwide Naturefriends’ movement has changed the statutes and adopted new and mostly very active member groups. Because of that not only the public but also the internal life of the organization has become more (atr)active. Among the activating ideas was to organize a joint meeting where all members would be welcome. The Naturefriends from Krnov were the brave ones to raise the flag and invited their colleagues from all 12 organizations in Czechia to their picturesque city and its surroundings.

The meeting, supported also by the local municipality, offered the participants informal discussions, sightseeing in the historic city centre, excursion to a local organ manufacture or a trip to an outlook tower on a hill above the city. Except that, there was a small exhibition of three amateur artists-Naturefriends open during the whole weekend. The participants completed by the Polish partners who popped round on Saturday passed through the city centre in an improvised march some of them wearing historic costumes. Everyone enjoyed also both evenings with information on the Naturefriends movement, nice chats about local groups’ life and experience exchange, listening and singing by guitars.

There is no fear now that after such a fruitful event another local group will take a risk and invite the others to the next year’s meeting of the Czech Naturefriends.

Pictures from the event:

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