Czech Naturefriends in the Landscape of the Year

by Hynek Pecinka, vice president, Naturefriends Czechia

Krajina_roku_185 Naturefriends International launched a two-year-lasting campaign “Landscape of the Year: Upper Rhine valley” in the region at the borders of Germany, Switzerland and France. The opening ceremony took place in Basle, Switzerland on Saturday, 13 April 2013. On the occasion, Naturefriends Czechia organized a week-long excursion tour (9 – 15 April 2013), in which more than 50 motivated members and supporters took part.

With a full bus carrying also a trailer with 18 bicycles, two caravans and a van the merry group travelled from Prague through Lake Constance and the Black Forrest to the Upper Rhine region to get familiar with history, culture and lifestyle of the visited places mostly of Germany but also some border parts of France and Switzerland.

Krajina_roku_128 Accommodated in several Naturefriends’ houses (Breitnau, Wehrhalden, Gersbach), they really enjoyed the “stories of the local countryside” while hiking or biking in the forests, got known the charming atmosphere of the old towns and cities and, above all, the feeling of making things together with similar minded persons. The joint events full of nice chats and singing by the guitars, discussing about future plans and cooperation among Czech Naturefriends’ local groups were very fruitful.

A very impressive experience for many, no doubt, was the opening ceremony to the Landscape of the Year 2013/2014 in Basle. Although the group reached the place quite late, there were still many things to see. The cultural programme “by Naturefriends and for Naturefriends” watched by persons of 10nations   was really a kind of something special and it was sensible that even if we live in different countries and speak different languages, we have similar way of thinking, which was what united us in that moment.

Summed up, the excursion tour of the Naturefriends Czechia to the Landscape of the Year was a great opportunity for making new contacts and friendships, getting more familiar with the culture and history of the Upper Rhine region and strengthening awareness on the importance of being members of one family – the Naturefriends.


Our thanks for the financial support of the event go to the Czech-German Fund of Future and the Solidarity Fund of the Naturefriends International.

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