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Friends of Nature Czechia



Friends of Nature Czechia is a Czech national NGO, which is a part of the worldwide Naturefriends' movement uniting 500.000 individual members. Recently, with its 7 local groups and member organisations, the association is active in whole Czechia. 

The association of Friends of Nature Czechia promotes, advertises and provides a space for leisure activities for its members and the public, focusing in particular on:

  • sustainable relationships between people and nature, healthy environment, healthy lifestyle; and cultural and social activities in this spirit,
  • protection and development of natural and cultural heritage of the Czech Lands and Europe, and their mediation to the general public,
  • developing mutual understanding and friendship, democracy and cooperation between peoples in a spirit of intercultural, social and intergenerational solidarity,
  • active and meaningful leisure activities, including children- and youthwork,
  • responsible attitude to nature and the future of the planet Earth,
  • exploiting the potential of volunteering and volunteer activities.

To reach this aim, Friends of Nature Czechia runs activities for all ages in Czechia and the world as well. Nowadays, the association unites more than 500 individual members from pre-scholars up to active seniors. 

Among the activities, you can find hiking trips and sightseeing tours focused on getting known Czech and European natural and cultural heritage. Friends of Nature Czechia organizes or takes part in cultural events and leads also the youngest generation towards an acitive style of living and active leisure time.

On the supranational level, the association is a part of the Naturefriends International (NFI), an umbrella organization of the Naturefriends movement, uniting more than 45 member organisations with 500.000 members throughout the globe. NFI works for sustainable development in and beyond Europe focusing both on environment and society. NFI is a member of the Green 10, a group of leading environmental NGOs active at EU level.

The Naturefriends become recently involved in the implementation of the principle of permanent sustainability, regarding their hundred-years-old tradition. This means chiefly solving nature preservation regardless of the states' borders and stressing socially and ecologically tolerable tourism. They offer their members mainly enronmental friendly possibilities of travelling and spending leisure time, running more than 1 000 Friends-of-Nature-houses in Europe and overseas. 

The report on activities of the Naturefriends Czechia in 2008 - 2011 can be downloaded here.